About us

The company was established in 2012 initially as a sourcing and QA office for Skywards. over the following years and Skywards has gradually developed product knowledge in many categories. Skywards now has an international customer base in Mexico as well as European Union, and USA

Services provided

*Factory Survey.
*Daily Follow Up.
*PPI: Pre-Production Inspection.
*DPI: During Production Inspection.
*PSI: Pre-Shipment Inspection.
*Container Loading Inspection.
*Shipment on Time follow up and control.
*Buying service.
* Logistic support & Warehousing service in China.
*Client Travel coordination and Transportation service in China.
* Legal Aid in China.

Product Range


*LED Lighting
* Heaters and Coolers:
*Home Appliances:
*Outdoor Furniture:
*Indoor Furniture:
*Building Materials
*Auto Car Accessory


To communicate with our clients worldwide and source the right products in terms of cost and quality that comply with the client's requirements.



Contact: Rain

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Tel: (+86)-769-8800 4266

Email: [email protected]

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